Protective Film (Microfilm)

The protection film is developed Polyethylene film, nontoxic, widely used in protecting the surface of home appliance, metals, plastics, electronic equipments, computer, communication equipments as well as many other various products.

The PE protective film can protect products away from miscellaneous kinds of pollution, contamination, scratch, dirty & dust, damage, during the process of storage and transport, manufacturing. Also, the protective film can be easily applied and torn off without any residue glue on the surface on the protected products. These features make the protective film to be a high effective and low cost way in protecting most kinds of valued products.

General Information:

  • Tape is designed to provide a unique combination of physical properties for a variety of surface protection applications. For optimum performance, this tape should be applied and removed at a temperature not less than 60°F (16°C).


  • Backing: LDPE film
  • Adhesive:Acrylic
  • Color:Blue (also available in red, yellow, transparent)
  • Size:0.49m X 305m, (All the sizes that you request are available)
  • Thickness:0.05mm(50mic) (All the tichness that need are available)
  • Adhesion:250g/25mm(Different Adhesion are available