Cleanroom Wipe Class 10

The Poly-Wipes are constructed from monofilament polyester no-run knit, providing excellent strength, great absorbency and chemical compatibility. These wipers are a perfect choice for general cleanroom and equipment maintenance, or any critical applications were lint can be detrimental, including optics. This Wipe was design to use in environment cleanroom Class 10.



  • Size, 9”x9”, 8“ x 8” and 3” x 4.5” (All the sizes are available)
  • Polyester wipe, heat cut sealed edges.

Typical Aplications for the Cleanroom Microfiber Wipe  Semiconductor Wafer Fabs  Aerospace Production Areas  Optics  Disk Drives Production Areas  Production Areas  General Cleanroom Cleaning  Clean and polish critical surfaces both metal and non-metal


  • Has an excellent solvent and acid resistance
  • Monofilament “no-run” construction does not generate loose fibers in the process
  • This is low ionic, nonvolatile residue and particle contamination
  • The Abosrvency is very good.
  • Available in cold cutting, heat cutting/sealed edge, laser cutting and ultrasonic cutting
  • This wipe is compatible with most common solvents such as isopropyl alcohol, methanol, aromatics and ketones such as acetone or methyl ethyl keton